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Music Theory for Guitarists

If you're eager to learn more about basic or advanced music theory, I'm excited to simplify the concepts for you in a way that you will understand and be able to apply on the guitar or on any musical instruments.


     Learning music theory online can be quite the struggle. Having watched hundreds of videos and read even more online articles, I can attest to the fact that the range of information out there is supremely confusing, and often you're not even sure where to start or how to put into words what you're seeking to learn.

     Over the last 18+ years, I've taught music theory to musicians from all over the world - some of who have become successful and well-known musicians, but most of whom have sought to learn music theory as a means to understand guitar chord theory and guitar scale theory more.

My approach is to begin with the basic building blocks of Western harmony and the diatonic scale. From there, we delve into tendency tones and functional diatonic harmony. Within all of this, I'll teach you a very simple way to memorize the Circle of Fifths as well as how truly understand how to use this tool for learning and/or writing songs more effortlessly.

     Ear training is essential in this process, as it helps you understand music on a deeper level. With ear training, you'll improve your ability to play music with greater accuracy and feeling. Music analysis will allow you to dissect and comprehend the underlying structure of a piece, revealing the intricacies of its composition.

     If you're interested in learning about Jazz theory, Classical theory, learning the modes on the guitar, learning to read music or just about anything else, I would love to meet with you. Get this - we don't have to learn how to read music for me to teach you just about everything you want to know about music theory. Chord progression is fundamental in creating harmony, and understanding it is key to mastering music theory.

A bit about me...

     I was awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Music with an emphasis on guitar from Austin Peay State University (just outside of Nashville, TN). During that time, I took 16 courses in music theory - in all of which I received a 4.0 GPA. During and after college, I toured, wrote and recorded music for over 20 major-label artists ranging from rock, pop, country, gospel music, bluegrass, and jazz. I've mentored dozens of students through University programs around the world, having prepped them for entry placement as well as continued to nurture them into professional careers.

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