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Searching the web for online guitar lessons and how to learn guitar can yield a wide array of differing opinions. It's kind of a hassle trying to figure out what's what - who's right?! The tricky part is that some online guitar teachers are approaching from a rock perspective, some from jazz, some from classical, etc. And, all of these styles have totally different approaches to technique, how to play guitar chords, how to play guitar scales and even how to hold a guitar pick.

For what it's worth, I'm offering my two cents on the subject of how to learn to play the guitar in my free advice blogs ranging from 4 chord guitar songs to more advanced guitar lessons. I hope that you glean something from my blog. Only so much can be covered in an online format, so I offer private guitar lessons as well. Learn more about my lessons and my background in music by browsing my other site pages. Feel free to message me.

-Derek Williams

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