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10 Best Father's Day Gifts for Guitar Playing Dads

Father's Day gifting for dad is always a challenge. Dads are long-suffering heroes who seem to lack the ability to drop hints for gift-giving holidays. If your dad is a guitarist, maybe you're thinking that you'll score him the most epic Father's Day gift ever, but what do guitarists who have everything really want or need? Being an expert on the subject - a father and life-long guitarist who has everything I want - I've put together this most righteous list of my top 10 Father's Day gifts for guitar playing dads.


1) Decorative Gun Metal Gray Guitar Rocker Design Pencil/Pen Holder Cup Office Supply Desktop Stand

What dad does not need this little gem of modern art? Dad can can keep his guitar accessories in this also. It looks like it would hold guitar picks, a capo, and a guitar slide! Everyone at dad's office will be jealous, and he can let it be known what his real passion is! Ringing in at less than $20, it's a steal! You can even get one for the office and one for the jam room at home or in dad's man cave.


2) Guitar Lessons Gift Certificate

Every guitarist loves getting a fresh & new take on their instrument. A celebrity guitar lesson could be super fun for dad. I've performed with hit artists such as Thomas Rhett and Billy Gibbons. I offer online and in person lessons!


3) Vintage Fender Guitar Patent Poster Prints, Set of 4 (8x10) Unframed Photos

Leo Fender is the father of the electric guitar. His designs are responsible for at least one guitar in your father's collection whether that's a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, P Bass or Jazz Bass.

Fender guitars is the Chevrolet Camaro of rock 'n' roll instruments. These would look great in dad's man cave. Frames not included, but at less than $20, it's amazing.


4) Dunlop Flow Standard Grip .88mm Guitar Picks

Every guitarist needs more and more picks. It's like golfers and tees. Or golfers and balls. Or golfers and clubs. Well, golfers sure do like golf gear. Guitarists like guitar gear ever more! Dunlop is one of the best brands. The "flow" pick is a slight variation on the classic design of a guitar pick (the edges are more rounded and ergonomic). .88 thickness is a great middle ground for acoustic and electric guitarists all around. Not the prettiest color ever, but dad is tough and doesn't like pink. Grab a 6 pack for less than $5 is a big win and easy.


5) Iconic Leathers - Wide, Distressed Dual Padded Leather Guitar Strap

Guitars are heavy. Go grab one and imagine having that hanging around your neck for an hour. Not cozy. At under $50, this is an amazing gift! It's got padding and it is wide for absolute comfort. Dad won't want to put the guitar down!


6) Guitarist Nutritional Facts Guitar Mug

Dads can never have enough coffee mugs. It's a scientific fact. Serve up dad's coffee with a bit of humor on his special day. Putting a smile on dad's face is priceless. Watch him take this mug to work as he proudly wears his badge of honor.


7) Acoustic Guitar Skinny Necktie

Neckties are to Father's Day as chocolate Easter Bunnies are to Easter. Why break a tradition of getting your father the good old neck tie?

Well, this tie is actually very high quality, and the repeating pattern on this tie is actually very subtle and attractive. 1200 needle thread count and a 5-year warranty to boot. At under $50, this is a great gift for dad. The navy color will look great with a number of suit colors. It has over 130 reviews that look very favorable.


8) Guitar Tie Clip for Men

Tie clips are perhaps one of the most bad ass accessories that a man can wear. They're understated, but a great tie clip is a powerful statement that makes you look smart and stylish. This tie clip is a conversation piece - a visual cue for other rocking dads to discuss gear and music influences.


9) Clear Viewing Guitar Display Case (Oak Finish, Red Background)

We've all seen the wall hangers for guitars. Those are super cool, but look at this! I mean, your dad IS obsessed with his #1 guitar - let's be honest about it. This is the equivalent of putting his guitar on display at the Smithsonian right next to Jimi Hendrix's Strat, Jimmy Page's Les Paul or Billy Gibbon's SG.

This is like opening the garage door to show off your Porsche 911. Question - does your dad have his tools hanging in the garage? If yes, he's proud of them. How much more is he proud of his main axe?!


10) The Guitar Father T-Shirt

The Godfather, 1972 iconic gangster film by Francis Ford Coppola, defined a generation of bad-assery and tough-guyness. Yes, those are words. This shirt is a play on words for the Godfather, and The Guitar Father is even written in the iconic font from the movie. Two day shipping, high thread count, multiple sized and less than $20 make this an easy decision for a Father's Day gift!

In summary, dads are the best. This blog is sure to make your father feel like the best, most appreciated dad on earth. Being a dad myself and a guitarist of 25 years, this list has my personal seal of approval. These gifts say, "I care". Top any one of these gifts off with a gift certificate for guitar lessons, and you're sure to score big with the "old man". Learn more about my programs and lessons offerings, here:

Best wishes, dads and families!

- Derek Williams

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