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Top 15 Easy Guitar Songs

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Most popular songs that we love use a handful of easy guitar chords. These songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Folsom Prison Blues, Peaceful Easy Feeling and Soul Sister will make you look like a rockstar at your next campfire or beach hang with friends. I’ve included guitar chord charts for these Top 15 Easy Guitar Songs. The hardest part of these songs for beginner guitar players can be strumming while singing. For these songs, feel free to reach out to me, and I will be glad help out.

Acoustic guitarist playing easy guitar songs.

The list:

1) Simple Man

2) Folsom Prison Blues

3) Peaceful Easy Feeling

4) Sweet Home Alabama

5) Hey Soul Sister

6) Take it Easy

7) Shallow

8) Somewhere Over the Rainbow

9) Wonderwall

10) All of Me

11) Hey There Delilah

12) Hey Jude

13) Your Song

14) Cant Help Falling in Love

15) Take Me Home Country Roads



Firstly, most of these songs use open position chords. A few use barre chords. I've hand picked simplified versions of these popular guitar songs and have included some resources on how to play barre chords easier. If you're interested in learning beginner songs you can play with the 4 chords, you might like my blog on that, here.

How to play barre chords easier:

1. Use the boney side of the finger instead of the fatty pad of the finger (Learn more - start at 1:00 mark of this video).

2. Use your bicep instead of your index finger (Start at the 3:15 mark of this video or the 1:50 mark of this video.

3. Practice barre chords in smaller sections and do not overtax your hands in practice sessions (This video does a great job of explaining this).

4. Focus the finger pressure only onto the strings that are actually barred (Start this video at the 1:32 mark).

5. There are alternative to barre chords. (This video does a great job of demonstrating some alternatives to the common guitar barre chords).


1) "Simple Man" guitar chords

This is a great first song for beginner guitarists to learn. Lynyrd Skynyrd is known for having amazing guitar parts. However, Simple Man chords are actually quite…simple. Click the "simplify" button toward the bottom of the page on this chord chart.

Chord chart, here.


2) "Folsom Prison Blues" guitar chords

You can’t overlook how fun and popular of a guitar song this is. Folsom Prison Blues chords are actually easy to learn, and it’s a crowd favorite.

Chord chart, here.


3) "Peaceful Easy Feeling" guitar chords

This is one of the top songs to learn on guitar. In their early years, The Eagles had a knack for giving the guitar world easy guitar songs.

Chord chart, here.


4) "Sweet Home Alabama" guitar chords

Lynyrd Skynyrd makes the list again. Sweet Home Alabama uses three simple guitar chords, and it’s a really fun song to play and sing with friends.

Chord chart, here.


5) "Hey Soul Sister" guitar chords

Released in 2009, Hey, Soul Sister has continued to rise in popularity as one of the top beginner guitar songs. It’s a beautiful song, and it’s not complicated to sing and play at the same time.

Chord chart, here.


6) "Take it Easy" guitar chords

The Eagles make this list twice, and there’s good reason for it - many of their songs are simple to learn and really fun to play. The strumming pattern on this song makes it incredibly easy to play on guitar.

Chord chart, here.


7) "Shallow" guitar chords

A Star is Born - Shallow chords are straight forward, and although it does use a b-minor barre chord, it is a lot easier than the F chord. Learn about how to play barre chords, here.

Chord chart, here.


8) "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" guitar chords

There are many versions of this timeless masterpiece of a song. The version by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole (Somewhere over the Rainbow Hawaiian chords) is perhaps the easiest and most well-known version of the song.

Chord chart, here.


9) "Wonderwall" guitar chords

Oasis was Britain’s most famous rock band since the Beatles. Their writing style sometimes is similar to the Beatles as well. Wonderwall is a great beginner guitar song. The hardest part will most likely be getting the song to not stick in your head for three days at a time.

Chord chart, here.


10) "All of Me" guitar chords

John Legend’s All of Me is known for being a piano song, however, it’s even easier to play on guitar. This version is simplified and has no barre chords at all - a huge bonus.

Chord chart, here.


11) "Hey There Delilah" guitar chords

At the height of the ego movement, Hey There Delilah released, and America went nuts for it. It’s a great beginner guitar song, and it’s a crowd pleaser because the guitar part is so prominent in the song. This song requires you to play a b minor barre chord. Here's a great resource on how to play barre chords easier.

Chord chart, here.


12) "Hey Jude" guitar chords

This is the Hey Jude chords easy version - it has been simplified to include only the most important and simple chords. You will need to capo at the first fret, and it does require a B major barre chord. Here’s an easy alternative to the B major barre chord (start at minute mark 4:33). Click the "simplify" button toward the bottom of the page on this chord chart.

Chord chart, here.


13) "Your Song" guitar chords

Released in 1970, Your Song has remained a favorite Elton John song. This is an simpler version of Your Song that has been simplified to only 7 common guitar chords. This easy guitar song does have the dreaded F chord which is a barre chord. Playing barre chords can be a challenge. Here’s a great resource on how to make playing the f chord easy.

Chord chart, here.


14) "Cant Help Falling in Love" guitar chords

Can’t Help Falling in Love is a timeless Elvis Presley classic. This is a simplified version by Twenty One Pilots. It does use the F chord, which is a barre chord. An easier way to play an F barre chord, here. Click the "simplify" button toward the bottom of the page on this chord chart.

Chord chart, here.


15) "Country Roads" guitar chords

Take Me Home Country Roads chords are actually really simple to learn and play. This John Denver song uses only four chords, and it’s an incredibly easy guitar song. Click the "simplify" button toward the bottom of the page on this chord chart.

Chord chart, here.


If you'd like to learn about taking online guitar lessons or in-studio guitar lessons in Bend, Oregon, learn more here.

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